Destroy These Cards box
Destroy These Cards box (back)
Finger Walker card
I'm After Your Booty card
Leroy Jenkins card
Introvert card
Life, Uh, Finds A Way card
It's-A-Me card
The Devil Made Me Do It card
Tick Tock card
Fridge-Worth card
Hands Off card with Lego drawing
Everyone Hates Mimes card
Sass-quatch card with drawing of Big Foot
Pizza Guy card with drawing of a pizza eating itself
Dr Time card
Titanic card with picture of titanic hitting iceberg
F*#K card with picture of angry man
Made You Look card
Dog Whisperer card with picture of corgi
Selfie-Indulgence card
The Herald card
Destroy These Cards complete contents
Destroy These Cards rulebook
Conspiracy card
Daniel Day Lewis card
Backstabber card
Fortune Teller card
Resurrection card
The Windmill card
Gunslinger card
The Wraith card
Underpants Gnome card
Dead Battery card
Family Photos card
Swearwolf card
The Kraken card
Disponsible En Espanol card
The Worm card
Create-Your-Own-Challenge cards

Destroy These Cards

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Destroy These Cards is a party game where every card features a different real-life challenge. Dare your friends (or the entire group) to do increasingly ridiculous tasks, while trying to keep track of the challenges you've accepted.

Mayhem is unleashed as players unlock the ability to add their own challenges to the deck. Get rewarded for creating good cards. Vote to get rid of the...not-so-good cards.

Player reviews
"One of the highlights of my weekend. I find so many party games either way too simple (Exploding Kittens) or just the same jokes over and over again (Cards Against Humanity). This game, however, was unique and funny and the cards are just hilarious. [...] Overall lots of fun, super unique, can't wait to play it again!"

"Honestly the best card game that I've played. Ever. The cards are hilarious, engaging and creating your cards is a big plus with your friends (playing with inside jokes) [...] Plenty of cards to play multiple times without seeing the same ones."

"A really great party game. [...] Would buy it, destroy it, and buy it again."

"The best purchase I've made in a while."

"This is a very fun party game to share with friends. The more you play, the more it evolves into something personalized. Will definitively get a laugh from you every time 10/10"

"I was really happy with all aspects of the game. We played last night and already have plans to play again tonight!"

"Really enjoyed this game. I think it has potential to be a go-to game within our group."

  • Almost 300 cards, with art from over 40 artists
  • 50 point tokens
  • 6 Pencils
  • 6 "Quick Rules" cards
  • 1 Note Pad
  • 1 Full-Size Rulebook

Product Dimensions:
9" x 7" x 2.5" (20 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm) 

Get the most points
All players draw 5 cards. The player who woke up the earliest starts as the Emperor.

Step 1

Each player submits 1 challenge card facedown to the Emperor. The Emperor chooses their favorite and discards the rest.

Step 2
The Emperor either:

a) nominates another player to do the challenge from Step 1
b) declares a Battle Royale, nominating ALL players (including the Emperor) to do the challenge from Step 1

Nominated players either accept or reject the challenge, and the game moves to Step 3.

Step 3
Players draw 2 new cards and discard their least favorite card from their hand until they have 5 cards remaining.

(In Destruction Mode, players gain the option to create their own challenge and add it to their hand instead of drawing 2 new cards.)

Get 1 point token if:
- you successfully complete a challenge
- the Emperor chooses a card you submit
- the Emperor chooses a card that you created (Destruction Mode only)